Sita led me through the sessions so carefully, with all my conditions and limitations in mind. She explained the effects, impacts, history and issues in easily understandable terms and concepts... While the sessions were involved with important and serious activities, she made them fun with a lot of laughter. And the results were excellent.
— D. L, Oakland, CA

In working with clients, I aim to support the elements of your life that are already in balance and flourishing, helping you to nurture your capacity for transformation and acceptance and cultivate your inner healer.

My sessions maintain a focus on self-awareness and discovery of breath, energy and connection, in the spirit of my deep desire that all beings may experience their own inherent wholeness.

Book an introductory session to explore your needs and how I can be of service to your wellbeing.

This powerful woman always creates a safe environment for me to surrender. She makes me feel heard and nourished in every session.
— M.O, Oakland
Before my work with Sita, I wasn’t even sure if I liked yoga, but now I practice every morning and it has helped my sleep, energy, appetite, and especially my stress levels.
— L.Z, Oakland

Linking breath and movement is a powerful act of self-regulation available to any one in any body. In the words of TKV Desikachar it is “by a progression of unlinking and relinking that we may alter the mind’s experience of suffering and illness… despair slowly gives way to a sense of control. This control may begin with the slightest movement and counting during respiration. Even this links the mind, if briefly at first, to something new.”

After the muscle of self-regulation has been built, we can begin to surrender. That is when the real magic happens.